Schedule of meetings of the DC

12 February 2020 Expert Group on Security in Inland Water Transport (EG SEC)
4 – 5 March 2020 Expert Group on Ship-Generated Waste (EG WASTE)
29 May 2020 11th Extraordinary session of the Danube Commission
5 October 2020 Expert Group on Hydraulic Engineering (EG HYD), with a special focus on climate change
6 October 2020 Expert meeting on recognition of navigation personnel certificates (EG PERS)
7 – 9 October 2020 Working Group on Technical Matters (WG TECH), including an expert meeting on statistics of Danube navigation
20 -22 October 2020 Working Group on Legal and Financial Matters (WG JUR-FIN)
11 December 2020 94th session of the Danube Commission

Meetings within the framework of projects financed by EU (to be organized at the premises of the DC)

22 January 2020 Workshop State Aid – DTP GRENDEL
29 September 2020 2nd Know-how transfer event  – GRENDEL
30 September 2020 3rd Public Consultation on State Aid – GRENDEL

Expert Group on the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis impacts on Danube navigation and reviewing adequate support measures (under 3rd Public Consultation – GRENDEL)