Call for registering for METEET Transport Expert’s Pool – Terms of reference


The Danube Commission (DC) is an international intergovernmental organization established by the Convention regarding the regime of navigation on the Danube signed in Belgrade on 18 August 1948. Its main objectives are to provide and develop free navigation on the Danube for the commercial vessels flying the flag of all states in accordance with interests and sovereign rights of the Member States of the Belgrade Convention. Within these tasks the DC aims to closely coordinate areas of inter-sectoral work and interest including environmental aspects in infrastructural projects in the field of inland navigation.
Based on a proposal of the three Directorate Generals of the European Commission – Environment ( DG-ENV), Regional and Urban Policy (DG-REGIO) and Mobility and Transport (DG-MOVE) – a Mixed Environment Transport External Expert Team (METEET) on Integrated Planning of Inland Waterways Transport (IWT) Projects was set up. METEET is designated to assist competent inland waterway transport authorities on a voluntary basis with the objective to foster an integrated approach when developing infrastructural projects in the field of inland navigation.
To perform training missions in the countries of the Danube River Basin, the DC is seeking for transport experts to provide advice to competent authorities in developing sustainable strategies, plans and projects in the field of inland navigation on the Danube. Waterway transport and infrastructure experts will closely work with Environmental experts being responsible to cover relevant EU and international inland navigation requirements in the Danube River Basin.

1. Description of the Position
The expert is part of a METEET Pool of waterway transport and infrastructure experts as well as environmental experts to provide advice to competent authorities in developing sustainable strategies, plans and projects in the field of inland navigation in the Danube, taking into account European environmental legislation from the beginning of the drafting process in order to analyse impact, constraints and possible mitigation and compensation measures at a very early stage.

2. Tasks and deliverables
The tasks of the METEET transport experts include the preparation of training material prior to the training mission, the delivery of training and advice during the training mission as well as a mission report summarizing main findings and recommendations after the training mission. The training and advice will include:
a) Presenting and analysing the applicable European Legislation and guidance for transport policy development, and its application and relevance for developing, planning and projecting inland navigation projects in the Danube region;
b) Advising on good/best practices, including actions foreseen in the “Joint Statement on Guiding Principles for the Development of Inland Navigation and Environmental Protection in the Danube River Basin”;
c) Advising on good/best practice in environmental assessment of inland navigation strategies, plans and projects including prevention, mitigation and compensation of negative environmental impacts;
d) Advising on good/best practice in transport and/or infrastructural assessment of inland navigation projects and plans.
The deliverables of the assignment will include the a) development of Training Materials to be submitted prior to the mission for approval (slides, background documentation etc.) and b) a jointly prepared Field Mission Report summarizing main findings and recommendations after return from the training mission.
Deliverables are to be produced in a digital format (WORD and PDF) in English language. The ownership of the copyright of deliverables produced under this ToR including training materials and reports will be assigned to the ICPDR Secretariat and the European Commission.

3. General qualifications

  • Interdisciplinary university degree (MSc) or equivalent covering environmental aspects;
  • Preferably 5 years of experience in the field of expertise;
  • Fluency in English and preferably one language of the Danube River Basin;
  • Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively;
  • Professional experience working with international/interdisciplinary teams and as a facilitator to reach specific tasks;
  • Good organizational and administrative skills.

4. Key technical qualifications

  • Sound knowledge of River Engineering;
  • Sound knowledge about the EU TEN-T regulation and other complementary regulations;
  • Special knowledge about relevant EU and international inland navigation regulations in the Danube River Basin (e.g. Belgrade Convention, Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin);
  • Knowledge about the European Agreement on Main Inland Waterways of international importance-AGN;
  • Sufficient knowledge and experience in handling/applying the respective national regulations on inland navigation in the Danube River Basin.

Deadline for application: Permanent
The application should include a motivation letter and a CV and should be
sent by e-mail to at the DC Secretariat,
Benczúr utca 25, H-1068 Budapest