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GrainLane: Digital solution for agricultural trading & transport


Exporting agricultural goods via land out of the Ukraine requires new business relationships & transparency next to logistics solutions.

GrainLane services provide digital solutions for selling and buying agricultural goods facilitating the increase of market potential, designed to help its users get the most out of their business. By providing a platform for sellers and buyers, platform allows placing the offers for grain trading with a possibility to book transportation out of Ukraine as well.

Platform allows a smoother organisation by hosting trading & transport requests on one platform. It will enable Ukrainian traders and farmers to offer grain and oilseeds internationally and access an international market with a full transparency for supply & demand.

The platform can be further developed by adding of functionalities (e.g. details regarding border crossing); creating an open & searchable transportation demand directory – connecting freight forwarders and traders internationally; translating the platform into Ukrainian for an even easier access.