The 4th Work Plan for the Rhine-Danube Corridor and the INEA Corridor Report 2020

The European Commission published the 4th Work Plan for the Rhine-Danube Corridor, that was prepared by Karla Peijs, European Coordinator. This report highlights the main results of the
Corridor development and defines the priority work areas to ensure a multimodal, seamless and environmentally friendly Rhine-Danube CNC by 2030. Based on the objectives set in Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013, the Corridor infrastructure focuses on greening the impact of transport to ensure growth and competitiveness, increasing energy efficiency and enhancing safety. The Work Plan illustrates the results achieved since 2014, and identifies key remaining persisting bottlenecks to overcome; illustrates the actual implementation process based on monitoring the projects’ progress and highlights the serious risks of not meeting envisaged completion times; presents the measures to overcome existing obstacles to the implementation and the future development of the Corridor.

At the same time, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency has prepared the report on CEF support to Rhine-Danube Corridor. The overall CEF inland waterways (IWW) portfolio amounts to €241.2 million (CEF contribution for 27 Actions). The focus of the Work Plan lies on existing difficulties that limit admissible draughts or hinder the achievement of target fairway depths. Consequently, waterside infrastructure related projects have been at the heart of CEF interventions


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