Meeting of experts on the security of inland water transport (EG SEC) (2 February 2019)
Pjotr S. Suvorov – Activities of the Danube Commission regarding security of navigation on the Danube
Tibor Mátyás – A company overview about IWT
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Voessner – Towards Transnational River Information Systems to Foster Commercial Logistics and Public Safety
Erich Kraus – Kooperative Zusammenarbeit Schiffskommando / EKO Cobra / Waterpolice
Laurențiu Petrache – AQUAPOL “Danube – Black Sea” HUB


Expert Group Hydrotechnology (EG HYD) 18th – 19th September
Hristo Enchev – Contracting of dredging activitites on the Bulgarian section of the Danube River rkm 610 –rkm 374.100

Meeting of experts on the security of inland water transport (EG SEC) 7 February, 2018
Pjotr S. Suvorov – Activities of the Danube Commission regarding security of navigation on the Danube
Erich Kraus – PoRIS Potentiale transnationaler Binnenschifffahrts-Informationssysteme als Instrumente zur Gewährleistung der öffentlichen Sicherheit


Joint PA1a & PA11 Working Group Meeting (Budapest, 24 October 2017)
Gert-Jan Muilerman, Simon Hartl, Ulf Meinel – EUSDR PA1a & PA11 working group meeting on administrative processes
Julia Sliwinski – Analysis of existing procedures and administrative processes
Rafael Róbert – State of play of the DANTE project and barrier reporting tool
Pjotr S. Suvorov – Activities of the Danube Commission regarding security of navigation on the Danube
Monika Kučerová – Outcomes of the 1st National Working Table Meetings

88th Session of the Danube Commission (2017 06 09)
Bernardo Urrutia – Developments in the EU Inland Navigation Policy
Horst Schindler – GRENDEL – GReen and EfficieNt DanubE fLeet”: Towards green, efficient and competitive river Danube transport

Workshop´17  (2017 06 08)
Dejan Trifunovic – GREEN DANUBE Integrated transnational policies and practical solutions for an environmentally-friendly Inland Water Transport system
Johan Boonen – Watertruck+
Mező Gergely – Danube STREAM
Rafael Róbert – DAPhNE Goals & StructureProject Environment
Horst Schindler – Study on Good Navigation Status
Rafael Róbert – DANTE Improving Administrative Procedures and Processes for Danube IWT
Bernardo Urrutia – Technical standards in the field of inland navigation Directive
Alexander F. Stemmer – METEET
Pjotr S. Suvorov – Activities of the Danube Commission regarding security of navigation on the Danube

Market Observation Meeting (2017 06 07)
Pjotr S. Suvorov – Market Observation for European inland navigation

Expert Group Hydrotechnology (EG HYD) 21 – 22 March 2017

Jasna Muskatirovic – The Upgrade of the Iron Gate I Navigational Lock

Meeting of experts on the security of inland water transport (EG SEC) (15 February 2017)

Pjotr S. Suvorov – Activities of the Danube Commission regarding security of navigation on the Danube
Erich Kraus – GEMEINSAM SICHER auf Schiffen und in Häfen
Kalmár Ádám – Results of the Joint Operations and trainings working group
Herczeg Mónika – FINAL RESULTS OF THE “Setting up the Structure of a Danube River Forum” DARIF
Szalma Botond – „Security of navigation = useable waterways”


87th Session of the Danube Commission (14 December 2016)

Désirée Oen, Dimitrios Theologitis, Bernardo Urrutia – Inland navigation developments in the EU 2016


Meeting of the Working Group on Technical Affairs (18 – 21 October 2016)

Theresia Hacksteiner LL.M. – Secretary General IVR CLNI 2012 CONVENTION AND ITS HISTORICAL BACKGROUND
dr. Zsolt Kovács – Workshop at the premises of the Danube Commission
Large Infrastructure Projects ltd. Sofia, Bulgaria – New Pan – European transport and water  management project
Игорь Сенилов ЧАО “Украинское Дунайское пароходство” – Испытания  катализатора топлива  КТ- 6Д


7th Workshop on the Follow-up of the Joint Statement on Guiding Principles on the Development of Inland Navigation and Environmental Protection in the Danube River Basin (15-16 September 2016)

 Summary Report




Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy (Varna, 2015)

Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy


Workshop – Streamlining at the Danube (29 September 2015)

 P.Margić: Danube Commission – Introduction
 B.Szalma: The importance of the need of computability for proper waterways
 M.Szűcs: EU funded Cross-border Co-operation at the Danube – Hungary-Croatia
 L.Clinckers: Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV (W&Z)
 B.Kortschak: Timely Obstacles to Danube Shipping  – Border Control and Customs and…

 K.Gombás: FAIRway
 K.Gombás: DANICE – DANube river basin ICE conveyance investigation and icy flood management – project proposal


Group of Experts on Hydrotechniques (23-24 September 2015)

P.Caky: NEWADA duo
J.Schiller: Vergleich der Schifffahrtsverhältnisse
J.Muškatirović: Network of Danube waterway administrations – Status quo report on shallow section

Technical Working Group Meeting (14 – 17 April 2015)

I. Kunc: Waterborne transport development strategy in the Republic of Serbia 2015 – 2025
C. Dutu: Newada duo – WP 3 – Harmonisation of basic data
M. Seitz: Masterplan for LNG on Rhine-Main-Danube Axis

R. Róbert: Activities of Pro Danube International

S. Polhorsky:Newada duo – Paper charts and Atlas of berth
G. Mező: Newada duo (DC Technical Workshop Work Package 5 –User services based on ICT)


Technical Working Group Meeting (28 – 31 October 2014)

 Pál Kötél:Waterway management in Hungary
М. Vaniček: Headwater section of Gabčikovo – current situation and future plans

Meeting of the Secretariats of the Danube Commission and the International Sava River Basin Commission (Budapest, 23-24 April 2014)

 D. Komatina:Activities related to climate change, flood management and projects of the ISRBC
S. Grošelj: GIS development
S. Grošelj: Hydrological and Meteorological Issues
D. Komatina: Activities and plans of the ISRBC

Technical Working Group Meeting (8 – 11 April 2014)

E. Brodskiy: RIS related activities in the Russian Federation

 D. Telesca:  Le Groupe Navigation Intérieure de l’Atena «Association Italienne de Technique Naval»


Expert Meeting on Hydrotechniques (26-27 March 2014)

J. Muskatirovic – Inland Waterways in SERBIA


Meeting of the group of experts – Ship-generated waste (11-12 March 2014)

Gy. Simongáti – Waste Management System for the Danube

H. Berger – COnvention for WAste management for inland Navigation on the Danube


81st Session of the Danube Commission (17 December 2013)

D. Theologitis (European Commission) – Quality Inland Navigation on the European Continent


High-level meeting “Danube Navigation – a European Perspective” (9 October 2013)


K. Peijs – “Sustainable inland waterway transport on the Danube River: an opportunity and a challenge”

C. Bernabei – The new TEN-T guidelines

R. Vorderwinkler -EU Strategy for the Danube Region Priority Area 1a

H. Schindler – The current list of projects on bottlenecks on the Danube river



Minutes of the Workshop of the Danube Commission “A Prosperous Future for the Danube Navigation”
P. Margic- History, Tasks and Goals of the Danube Commission (DC)
H. Schindler -Conditions of navigation, Bottlenecks, 2 Recommendations of the DC

P.S Suvorov Market observation, traffic organization features, Corridor VII, The DC’s contribution to the EUSDR

S. Tzarnakliyski – Regional Arrangement on the Radiocommunication Service for Inland Waterways (RAINWAT)

A.F. Stemmer – Activities of the Danube Commission (DC)

P. Margic – Perspectives of development

A. Capatu – Guaranteed standards for waterway maintenance – Pre-condition for safe and cost-effective Danube navigation

N. Popadic – IFC Western Balkans Trade Logistics Project

B. Szalma – A prosperous future for the Danube navigation

M. Seitz – LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube 2012-EU-18067-S


4th Workshop on the Follow-up of the Joint Statement on Inland Navigation and Environmental Sustainability in the Danube River Basin




P.Weller – Sustainable Navigation –  Balancing commercial & environmental interests in waterway management (en)

M.Seitz -Sustainable & efficient transport on the Danube (en)

I.Lucius – The NGO Perspective on Developments in Danube Basin Navigation (en)

ViaDonau – Integrated River Engineering Project Danube East of Vienna (en)

L.Hubalek – Danube reach from 1380 to 1433 river km (en)

Z.Ostojic Barjaktarevic – Preparation of Documentation for River Training and Dredging Works on Critical Sectors on the Danube River in Serbia  (en)

I.Zanev – Evaluation of the situation in the common Bulgarian-Romanian Section of the Danube (en)

C.Cuc -Improvement of navigation conditions on the Romanian – Bulgarian common sector of the Danube and accompanying studies (en)

C.Dumbrava – Improvement of the navigation conditions on the Danube between Calarasi and Braila, km 375 – km 175 (en)

Z.Milkovic – Rehabilitation and development of navigation on the Sava river (en)

I.Mitrovic – Stakeholders’ Forum (en)


A.Bencsik -Practical aspects of impact of the navigable waterway conditions on safety and efficiency of the Danube navigation (en)

A.Munkácsy – Implementation of transnational ship waste management projects along the Danube (en)