Séance du groupe de travail pour les questions techniques (GT TECH)

Mladen Grujic – 65th Conference of directors of Danube shipping companies
Peter Caky – Updates on the interactive map of the Danube Commission
Pjotr Suvorov – The Working Platform for Fleet Modernization
Pjotr Suvorov – Updates on DCs activities in the field of the security of navigation on the Danube
Sebastian Roger – Ausbau der Bundeswasserstraße Donau
Tetyana Tarasenko – Energy efficiency issues regarding the operation of pushed trains on the Danube
Vladimir Rybkovskiy – Information from the Secretariat on the Preparation of the Statistical Yearbook of the Danube Commission for 2022

Danube Regional Workshop on Energy Transition in Inland Ports

Alexio Picco, SEANERGY – Project Presentation
Werner Auer, Ennshafen – Regional Workshop Ennshafen Port
Werner Auer, Ennshafen – Calculating and reporting CO2-emissions: How Ennshafen is starting to deal with the new requirements
Manfred Seitz, DC – Green Danube Port – Joint Statement of the Danube Port Authorities and Ports Stakeholders
Sasa Jovanovic, IC-consulenten – Gaps in regional developments in the Danube Region Danube Region and their influence on the energy transition needs
Danique de Jonge, ESPO – EU Taxonomy: a ports’ perspective

Joint Statement Meeting

I 1-3 EU Enviromental policies – Diar Isid-EC DG ENV
I 1-4 Activity report of METEET – Dejan Trifunović-DC
I 1-5 Update on the FRMMP for Danube – Viktoria Weissenburger-EUSDR PA1a
I 2-1 Updates on the progress of works in Germany – Stefan Neudert-StUMV
I 2-2 Improvement of the Danube in Hungary – Bede Csaba-OVF
I 2-3 Border section HR-RS-FAIRway 2 works – Hubalek MSTI-Mihajlović Plovput
I 2-4 Update on the progress in Serbia-Iron Gate I&II – Bojana Nedovic-Plovput
I 2-5 Updates RO-BG part of the Danube – Romeo Soare AFDJ-Ivelin Zanev APPD
I 2-6 Waterway Monitoring System WAMOS 2.0 – Susanne Bachl-Via Donau
II 1-1 State of navigation on the Sava – Krunoslav Sopček-Duško Isaković-ISRBC
II 1-2 New age of river engineering – Duška Kunštek-MSTI
II 1-3 Serbian and BiH sector confulence of Sava and Drina – Lubiša Mihajlović-Plovput
II 1-4 Croatian port infrastructure-economy hub – Vjekoslav Janković PA SB
II 1-5 Development of nautical turism in the SRB – Božana Matoš-Ancoris
II 1-6 Case study-River Marina Sisak – Duška Kunštek-MSTI
II 1-7 Crusing tourism infrastructure – Srđa Lješević-PGA
II 1-8 State of fleet and expected improvements – Tomislav Uroda-iCat
II 2-1 Process to adapt the Joint Statement 2.0 – Birgit Vogel-ICPDR

METEET – Workshop on the climate resilience of inland waterways and ports

Birgit Vogel / ICPDR – ICPDRs Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and planned work on droughts
Claus Kondrup / EC – Technical guidance on the climate proofing of infrastructure in the period 2021-2027
Diar Isid / DG ENV – Water related EU legislation with regard to inland waterways and introduction of EDORA and Water Quantity projects
Euripides Sakellariou / CINEA – Climate proofing requirements for the CEF Transport calls
Judith ter Maat / CHR – Impacts of climate change and socio-economic scenarios on low water in the Rhine River basin
Kai Kempmann, Laure Roux / CCNR – CCNR’s Act now! reflection paper
Nevena Gavalyugova-Bolsi / DG MOVE – Climate proofing provisions in the revised TEN-T Regulation and forthcoming study on TEN-T climate resilience
Viktoria Weissenburger / viadonau – Innovative and flexible approaches for climate-resilient waterway management

Constanta Port Business Association Event “ The Corridor Caspian Sea-Black Sea and the Port of Constanta – the Way to Europe”
Manfred Seitz – Danube solidarity lane – Danube information and coordination desk
Antonio Stoean – Danube solidarity lane – Danube information and coordination desk

Réunion d’experts pour le développement des ports et des opérations portuaires (RE PORTS)
Dejan Trifunovic, Manfred Seitz – Update on policy framework relevant for Danube ports
Robert Rafael – Green inland ports presentation introduction to the project
Dejan Trifunovic, Manfred Seitz -Infrastructure development and impact of climate change
Antonio Stoean – Danube solidarity lane – Danube information and coordination desk
Grzegorz Pawelec – Status of Hydrogen development in Europe
Manfred Seitz – Joint Statement
O.Riepkin – Ukraine’s green hydrogen potential new challenges and opportunities
Tobias Block – eFuels in inland navigation
Robert Rafael – DaRePORT
Raphael le Guillou – Best Practice Guide on Cybersecurity in Inland Ports
Rudy Hemeleers – Speeding-up UA-EU corridors through digital data sharing
Mario Kaufmann – Overview of the work plan for the RIS COMEX2
Svetlana Stirbu – Carbon Footprint
Srdja Ljesevic – PGA APDM
Manfred Seitz – Next steps

Réunion d’experts « Déchets provenant de l’exploitation des bateaux » (RE DECHETS)
Dejan Trifunović – Expert Meeting on Ship-generated waste
Marcela-Daniela Costea – Port facilities and environmental services provided by the NATIONAL COMPANY ‘MARITIME DANUBE PORTS ADMINISTRATION’GALATI

Réunion d’experts en matière d’hydrotechnique (RE HYDRO)
Gert-Jan Muilerman,  PA 1a EUSDR / viadonau – EUSDR PA1a Inland Waterways
Ralf Jina, DDSG – River Engineering Works
Georgel Negrea. AFDJ – Difficulties encountered in 2022 in the transport of goods on the Danube
Marius Paruse, ANC – Maintenance works Danube-Black Sea Canal and Northen Branch Poarta Alba-Midia Canal
Romeo Soare, AFDJ – Dredging works 2022 sector rkm 863-rkm 610 and rkm 375-rkm 0
Ivelin Zanev, EAMDR – Status of the main critical sections in the period 2020-2022 and hydrological information, Bulgaria
Jasna Muskatirovic, Plovput – Inland Waterways in the Republic of Serbia- Current Status and Perspectives
Lidija Hubalek, MMPI – Status of Inland Navigation in Croatia
Csaba Bede, OVF – National status and update of activities in waterway management – Hungary
Pavel Virág, Vladimir Novák, SVP – Information on the status of the fairway in 2022 and on the Program for maintenance work of 2023
Simon Hartl, viadonau – Presentation and discussion of activities planned in Austria
Dmytro Barinov, USPA – The Black Sea grain initiative and the fight against world hunger


The 13th Follow-up Meeting of the Joint Statement on Guiding Principles for the Development of Inland Navigation and Environmental Protection in the Danube Region:

András Tóth – Technical guidance on the climate proofing of infrastructure in the period 2021-2027
Csaba Bede, Anita Reichardt – Improvement of the Danube in Hungary – CEF-Study Section Szob – Southern border
Duska Kunstek, Lana Deraković Rakas – Application of EU standards in ecological water engineering case study from Croatia
Helmut Habersack – Current status and future requirements in education and training of engineers
Ivan Mitrovic, Veljko Kovacevic – Upgrade of the Iron Gate I and Iron Gate II Navigation Locks
Jan Brooke – Perspectives for enhancing navigation and environmental protection in the scope of climate change
Jeanne Boughaba – EU environmental policies and latest developments relevant for waterways
Johan Magnusson – EUSDR Action Plan and its impact on PA1a cohesion policy 2021-2027
Lidija Hubalek, Ivan Mitrovic – Border Section Croatia-Serbia CEF Study, Preparing FAIRway 2 works in the Rhine Danube Corridor
Manfred Seitz -Implementation issues of the JS & advisory services
Marc Daniel Heintz – Fit for climate change – experience from the River Rhine & measures identified
Susanne Bachl – Waterway Monitoring System WAMOS 2.0 – a joint endeavour towards harmonised Danube waterway data
Victoria Weissenburger – EUSDR PA1a: Update on the Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan (FRMMP) for the Danube and its navigable tributaries


Séance du groupe de travail pour les questions techniques (GT TECH) (21-23 avril 2021)

Oleksandr Riepkin – H2U Hydrogen Valley

Groupe d’experts pour les questions relatives à la protection du transport par voie navigable (GE PROTECTION) (17 février 2021)

Pjotr Suvorov – Updated information on DC’s activities in the field of the security of navigation on the Danube
Laurentiu Petrache – AQUAPOL
Alfred Spörr – Pooling & Sharing
Philipp Hermes – Aktuelle Aspekt der Gefahrenabwehr in der Binnenschifffahrt


Groupe d’experts pour les questions relatives à la protection du transport par voie navigable (GE PROTECTION) (12 février 2020)

Pjotr Suvorov – Updated information on DC’s activities in the field of the security of navigation on the Danube
Pjotr Suvorov – Meeting of experts on the security of IWT
Hubert Griepe – Das Bayerische Landeskriminalamt
Hubert Griepe – EUSDR: Status of joint activities of PA1a and PA11
Hubert Griepe – ADN
Dejan Trifunovic – David forms, Summary of implementation steps 2020 – 2022
Laurentiu Petrache – Inland Maritime “DANUBE – BLACK SEA” HUB
Philipp Hermes – Gefahrenabwehr in der Binnenschifffahrt

GRENDEL 2nd Public Consultation on State Aid for the Modernization of the Danube Inland Fleet (22 January, 2020)

Daiwa Żukowska – State aid for modernizing the Danube fleet – legal framework
Charlotte Siot – Towards modernisation and greening of Danube inland waterborne sector and strengthening its competitiveness
Lucia Karpatyova – Activity 5.1 Public consultations
Lucia Karpatyova – Questions
Vojtěch Dabrowski – Modernisation of Inland Waterway vessels in the Czech Republic


Groupe de travail pour les questions techniques (GT TECH) (15 – 18 octobre 2019)

Daniel Grosu – AFDJ Dredging works
Dejan Trifunovic – Presentation DC role in ports 2019
Evgeny Brodskiy – Overview of current RIS issues Russia
Igor Alexander – Fragebogen über die Kommunikationssprachen auf der Donau
Petar Kirov – Overview of the DARiSS Project
Plamena Yordanova Kapralyakova – Impact of Bulgarian legislation on submission of statistical data to the Danube Commission
Sergey Viktorovich Kanurniy – VOPOG 2019
Virginia Oganesian – Activity of the Danube ports in 2018

Groupe d’experts en matière d’hydrotechnique (GE HYDRO) (EG HYD) (18 – 19 septembre 2019)

Matej Vaníček – Aufrüstung von Schleusenkammern in Gabcíkovo
Viktoria Weissenburger – EUSDR PA1a
Pjotr Semjonovitsch Suvorov – Water levels on the Danube in 2018
Daniel Grosu – Dredging works AFDJ

10th Joint Statement Meeting (11-12 September 2019)

Jeanne Boughaba, European Commission DG ENV – EU environmental policies relevant for inland navigation – latest developments
Ismini Maria Kyriazopolou, Networking and Competence Centre, JASPERS / EIB – Implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) in the Danube region regarding the navigation sector and river works- Article 4(7) WFD checklist tool
Gert-Jan Muilerman, Viadonau – Austria – Integrated River Engineering Project Catalogue of Measures for the Danube east of Vienna
Georgina Pavlina – Bulgaria, EAEMDR – FAST DANUBE “Technical Assistance for Revising and Complementing the Feasibility Study Regarding the Improvement of Navigation Conditions on the Romanian-Bulgarian Common Sector of the Danube and Complementary Studies”
Tomislav Strus – Croatia, Inland Navigation Directorate – Inland waterway on Sava river (km 300 –km 329)
Jasna Muskatirovic, Serbia, Directorate for Inland Waterways – Supervision and Environmental Monitoring of River Training and Dredging Works in Serbia
Roman Cabadaj – Slovakia, Ministry of Transport – Danube Waterway in the Slovak republic
Zeljko Milkovic – Sava Commission, ISRBC – Rehabilitation and Development of the Navigation and Transport on the SavaRiver Waterway-sector Novi Grad
Barbara Kéri – DanubeSediment Danube Sediment Management – Restoration of the Sediment
Paul Meulenbroek – Balance in the Danube River – MEASURES
Jasna Muskatirovic and Georg Rast – METEET – Conclusions and results of first trainings in Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia including way forward
Gert-Jan Muilerman, EUSDR PA1a Technical Secretariat – EUSDR related developments – The Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan for the Danube and its navigable tributaries/Revision of the EUSDR Action Plan
Robert Rafael, General Secretary Pro Danube International – Sustainable and efficient transport on the Danube – viewpoints from an industry association
Ana Leganel, Joint Secretariat-Danube Transnational Program – Interreg-Danube Transnational Program in 2019 and 2020-DTP 3
Manfred Seitz, DC – Discussion on key lessons learned and future steps in support of the implementation of the Joint Statement (DG MOVE, DG ENV, ICPDR, ISRBC, DC, stakeholders) – update the document

Groupe d’experts pour les questions relatives à la protection du transport par voie navigable (GE PROTECTION) (EG SEC) (2 février 2019)
Pjotr S. Suvorov – Activities of the Danube Commission regarding security of navigation on the Danube
Tibor Mátyás – A company overview about IWT
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Voessner – Towards Transnational River Information Systems to Foster Commercial Logistics and Public Safety
Erich Kraus – Kooperative Zusammenarbeit Schiffskommando / EKO Cobra / Waterpolice
Laurențiu Petrache – AQUAPOL “Danube – Black Sea” HUB


Réunion du groupe d’experts en matière d’hydrotechnique (18-19 septembre 2018)
Hristo Enchev – Contracting of dredging activitites on the Bulgarian section of the Danube River rkm 610 –rkm 374.100

Réunion d’experts pour les questions relatives à la protection du transport par voie navigable (GE SEC) 7 février 2018
Pjotr S. Suvorov – Activities of the Danube Commission regarding security of navigation on the Danube
Erich Kraus – PoRIS Potentiale transnationaler Binnenschifffahrts-Informationssysteme als Instrumente zur Gewährleistung der öffentlichen Sicherheit


Groupe d’experts en matière d’hydrotechnique (GE HYDRO) (21-22 mars 2017)

Jasna Muskatirovic – The Upgrade of the Iron Gate I Navigational Lock

Réunion d’experts pour les questions relatives à la protection du transport par voie navigable (GE SEC) (15 février 2017)

Pjotr S. Suvorov – Activities of the Danube Commission regarding security of navigation on the Danube

 Erich Kraus – GEMEINSAM SICHER auf Schiffen und in Häfen

 Kalmár Ádám – Results of the Joint Operations and trainings working group

 Herczeg Mónika – FINAL RESULTS OF THE “Setting up the Structure of a Danube River Forum” DARIF

 Szalma Botond – „Security of navigation = useable waterways”


87e session de la Commission du Danube (14 décembre 2016)

Désirée Oen, Dimitrios Theologitis, Bernardo Urrutia – Inland navigation developments in the EU 2016


Meeting of the Working Group on Technical Affairs (18 – 21 October 2016)

Theresia Hacksteiner LL.M. – Secretary General IVR CLNI 2012 CONVENTION AND ITS HISTORICAL BACKGROUND

dr. Zsolt Kovács – Workshop at the premises of the Danube Commission

Large Infrastructure Projects ltd. Sofia, Bulgaria – New Pan – European transport and water  management project

Игорь Сенилов ЧАО “Украинское Дунайское пароходство” – Испытания  катализатора топлива  КТ- 6Д


Manifestation (Follow-up Meeting) suivant la rencontre  consacrée à la Déclaration commune avec la CIPD et la CIBS  (15-16 September 2016)

Summary Report




Séminaire « Streamlining at the Danube » (29 septembre 2015)

P.Margić: Danube Commission – Introduction

B.Szalma: The importance of the need of computability for proper waterways

M.Szűcs: EU funded Cross-border Co-operation at the Danube – Hungary-Croatia

L.Clinckers: Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV (W&Z)

B.Kortschak: Timely Obstacles to Danube Shipping  – Border Control and Customs and…

K.Gombás: FAIRway

K.Gombás: DANICE – DANube river basin ICE conveyance investigation and icy flood management – project proposal


Groupe d’experts en matière d’hydrotechnique (23-24 septembre 2015)

P.Caky: NEWADA duo
J.Schiller: Vergleich der Schifffahrtsverhältnisse
J.Muškatirović: Network of Danube waterway administrations – Status quo report on shallow section


Groupe de travail pour les questions techniques (14-17 avril 2015)

  1. Kunc: Waterborne transport development strategy in the Republic of Serbia 2015 – 2025C. Dutu: Newada duo – WP 3 – Harmonisation of basic data M. Seitz: Masterplan for LNG on Rhine-Main-Danube Axis
  2. Róbert: Activities of Pro Danube International
  3. Polhorsky:Newada duo – Paper charts and Atlas of berthG. Mező: Newada duo (DC Technical Workshop Work Package 5 –User services based on ICT)