DC participation at the 16th edition of the Port Constanța Day in Budapest

The 16th edition of the Port of Constanta Day in Budapest was organized on 20 March 2024, by the National Company of the Constanta Sea Ports Administration.

The event offered the representatives of the Port of Constanta the opportunity to strengthen their business relations and to develop new collaborations in the Hungarian business environment. As in previous editions, the event has proved to be the meeting point important actors in the field of transport, logistics and agribusiness This edition was attended by over 100 participants, representing several companies from Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania. The DC Secretariat was represented by Mr Dejan Trifunovic.

The Port of Constanta presented the excellent results of last year, with a record transport volume of 92.690 million tonnes (22.5% increase compared to 2022), of which almost 40% was Ukrainian grain, and a 13.6% increase in container transport compared to 2022 (884,626 TEU).

This year’s edition of the event was attended by the Secretary of State in the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Bogdan Mindrescu and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of APM SA Constanta, Adrian Daniel Gavruta. Reference companies on the port were also present in Budapest: Chimpex, Comvex, Sea Container Services, Silk Route Shipping, Transport Trade Services, Umex, Frial and JT Grup, as well as CFR Marfa which presented the recent investments in railway infrastructure, both in the port and at national level.

The Romanian authorities gave an overview of several completed development projects, as well as future aiming   to  improve operating conditions in Romanian seaports especially transit of cargo flows to and from the hinterland served (the document was adopted in 2021 and accepted by the European Commission in 2022 for the EU financial framework 2021-2027). The Port of Constanta Day in Budapest was also marked by the Romanian Ambassador to Hungary, ES Gabriel Catalin Sopanda, and the economic advisor Horia Mintas spoke to businessmen about the economic relations between Romania and Hungary.

Representative of DC Secretariat discussed with the Port of Constanta representatives about the event “Linking Türkiye by Danube – Danube transport promotion event”,  on 6 June 2024 in connection to the existing container line between the Port of Constanta and the Port of Poti in Georgia ( since May 2022), and the forseen line between the Port of Constanta and the Port of Karasu ( May 2024 ).