Mission & Approach

The Secretariat of the Danube Commission actively contributes to the initiative of the European Union in the establishment of the Solidarity Lanes to ensure continuity of trade, and, importantly, the export of agricultural products from Ukraine. To this end, the Danube Commission Secretariat has set up and operates an information and coordination desk. The Danube Cargo Information Desk supports the set-up of new logistics chains via the Danube ports of the region, and, at the same time looks into ways to increase efficiency of existing and new logistics chains, by means of improved communication and cooperation among authorities, public administrations and market players.

In order to support economic operators and to improve coordination with the authorities, Mr. Toni Stoean assists the Danube Commission Secretariat in working with the logistics industry and grain traders. Mr. Stoean has more than thirty years of hands on experience in waterways and agricultural logistics operations in the Danube Region. The Secretariat, together with Mr. Stoean, is in regular contact with authorities of the countries concerned as well as with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, in order to improve the administrative framework conditions for the new cross-border transport operations

Based on a case-by-case approach, the Danube Desk will facilitate new services for freight flows to and from Ukraine. The gradual increase of existing transport and transshipment capacities will optimize the use of infrastructure, logistical resources and human resources, allowing for additional freight flows without displacement effects compared to existing logistics chains. Working in small groups of stakeholders and integrating the responsible authorities along the logistics chain shall provide tangible results in the shortest possible period. In parallel to the operational work, the new logistics chains shall be integrated into an electronic logistics information platform based on existing IT solutions of port administrations and logistics service providers.

Companies and organizations interested in building logistics chains or participating in specific logistics chains are invited to contact the Danube Desk using the contacts provided.