Convention regarding the regime of navigation on the Danube


Catalogue of Publications of the Danube Commission

Articles about the Danube Commission

Intreview with Mr. Rade Drobac in the  "Diplomata" Diplomatic Magazine 2016/9., 243 kb (in English and Hungarian)

With the permission of the "Diplomata"Diplomatic Magazine

Difficult navigation on the Danube in 2012, V.M. VORONTSOV, "Rechnoy transport" Nr. 1 (60) 2013, January-February, 802 kb (in Russian)

Giurgiuleşti expands its services. "Porty Ukrainy", August 2012, 6 (118), 90 kb, (in Russian)

Improvement of CEVNI continues. Viktor VORONTSOV, "Rechnoy transport" Nr. 2 (38) 2009, March-April, 951 kb (in Russian)

Navigation is a principle task of the Danube Commission. Author: Yakov Shpigelman, Senior Researcher, "UkrNIIMF"; "Ports of Ukraine" magazine, October, 2009 № 8 (90) 2, 7 Mb [ Russian]

Navigation on the upper Danube. Author: Victor Vorontsov, academic of Russian Academy of Transport; magazine "River Transport", № 5, 2009, 3,5 Mb [Russian]

Updating the European code for inland waterways is going on. «River Transport» Magazine, №2, 2009, the Russian Federation 1.96 Mb [Russian]

Technical requirements for the inland navigation vessels - to the single European level. «Russian nautical news» Newspaper, №6, 2009, the Russian Federation 539 Kb [Russian]

The publications of the Danube Commission - reflection of the international organization activity “ Ports of Ukraine” 2008 № 7 1.71 Mb [Russian]

The publications of the Danube Commission (final) “ Ports of Ukraine” 2008 № 8 3.5 Mb [Russian]