Convention regarding the regime of navigation on the Danube


Catalogue of Publications of the Danube Commission



Meeting of experts on the security of inland water transport (ET SEC) (15 February 2017)

Pjotr S. Suvorov - Activities of the Danube Commission regarding security of navigation on the Danube
Erich Kraus - GEMEINSAM SICHER auf Schiffen und in Häfen
Kalmár Ádám - Results of the Joint Operations and trainings working group
Herczeg Mónika - FINAL RESULTS OF THE “Setting up the Structure of a Danube River Forum” DARIF
Szalma Botond - „Security of navigation = useable waterways”


87th Session of the Danube Commission (14 December 2016)

Désirée Oen, Dimitrios Theologitis, Bernardo Urrutia - Inland navigation developments in the EU 2016


Meeting of the Working Group on Technical Affairs (18 - 21 October 2016)

Theresia Hacksteiner LL.M. - Secretary General IVR CLNI 2012 CONVENTION AND ITS HISTORICAL BACKGROUND

dr. Zsolt Kovács - Workshop at the premises of the Danube Commission

Large Infrastructure Projects ltd. Sofia, Bulgaria - New Pan - European transport and water  management project

Игорь Сенилов ЧАО “Украинское Дунайское пароходство” - Испытания  катализатора топлива  КТ- 6Д


7th Workshop on the Follow-up of the Joint Statement on Guiding Principles on the Development of Inland Navigation and Environmental Protection in the Danube River Basin (15-16 September 2016)

Summary Report



Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy (Varna, 2015)

Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy


Workshop - Streamlining at the Danube (29 September 2015)

P.Margić: Danube Commission - Introduction

B.Szalma: The importance of the need of computability for proper waterways

M.Szűcs: EU funded Cross-border Co-operation at the Danube - Hungary-Croatia

L.Clinckers: Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV (W&Z)

B.Kortschak: Timely Obstacles to Danube Shipping  - Border Control and Customs and...

K.Gombás: FAIRway

K.Gombás: DANICE - DANube river basin ICE conveyance investigation and icy flood management - project proposal


Group of Experts on Hydrotechniques (23-24 September 2015)

P.Caky: NEWADA duo
J.Schiller: Vergleich der Schifffahrtsverhältnisse
J.Muškatirović: Network of Danube waterway administrations - Status quo report on shallow section

Technical Working Group Meeting (14 - 17 April 2015)

I. Kunc: Waterborne transport development strategy in the Republic of Serbia 2015 - 2025
C. Dutu: Newada duo - WP 3 - Harmonisation of basic data
M. Seitz: Masterplan for LNG on Rhine-Main-Danube Axis

R. Róbert: Activities of Pro Danube International

S. Polhorsky:Newada duo - Paper charts and Atlas of berth
G. Mező: Newada duo (DC Technical Workshop Work Package 5 –User services based on ICT)


Technical Working Group Meeting (28 - 31 October 2014)

Pál Kötél:Waterway management in Hungary
М. Vaniček: Headwater section of Gabčikovo - current situation and future plans

Meeting of the Secretariats of the Danube Commission and the International Sava River Basin Commission (Budapest, 23-24 April 2014)

D. Komatina:Activities related to climate change, flood management and projects of the ISRBC
S. Grošelj: GIS development
S. Grošelj: Hydrological and Meteorological Issues
D. Komatina: Activities and plans of the ISRBC

Technical Working Group Meeting (8 - 11 April 2014)

E. Brodskiy: RIS related activities in the Russian Federation

D. Telesca:  Le Groupe Navigation Intérieure de l'Atena «Association Italienne de Technique Naval»


Expert Meeting on Hydrotechniques (26-27 March 2014)

J. Muskatirovic - Inland Waterways in SERBIA


Meeting of the group of experts - Ship-generated waste (11-12 March 2014)

Gy. Simongáti - Waste Management System for the Danube

H. Berger - COnvention for WAste management for inland Navigation on the Danube


81st Session of the Danube Commission (17 December 2013)

D. Theologitis (European Commission) - Quality Inland Navigation on the European Continent


High-level meeting "Danube Navigation - a European Perspective" (9 October 2013)


K. Peijs - "Sustainable inland waterway transport on the Danube River: an opportunity and a challenge"

C. Bernabei - The new TEN-T guidelines

R. Vorderwinkler -EU Strategy for the Danube Region Priority Area 1a

H. Schindler - The current list of projects on bottlenecks on the Danube river



Minutes of the Workshop of the Danube Commission "A Prosperous Future for the Danube Navigation"
P. Margic- History, Tasks and Goals of the Danube Commission (DC)
H. Schindler -Conditions of navigation, Bottlenecks, 2 Recommendations of the DC

P.S Suvorov - Market observation, traffic organization features, Corridor VII, The DC's contribution to the EUSDR

S. Tzarnakliyski - Regional Arrangement on the Radiocommunication Service for Inland Waterways (RAINWAT)

A.F. Stemmer - Activities of the Danube Commission (DC)

P. Margic - Perspectives of development

A. Capatu - Guaranteed standards for waterway maintenance - Pre-condition for safe and cost-effective Danube navigation

N. Popadic - IFC Western Balkans Trade Logistics Project

B. Szalma - A prosperous future for the Danube navigation

M. Seitz - LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube 2012-EU-18067-S


4th Workshop on the Follow-up of the Joint Statement on Inland Navigation and Environmental Sustainability in the Danube River Basin



P.Weller - Sustainable Navigation -  Balancing commercial & environmental interests in waterway management (en)

M.Seitz -Sustainable & efficient transport on the Danube (en)

I.Lucius - The NGO Perspective on Developments in Danube Basin Navigation (en)

ViaDonau - Integrated River Engineering Project Danube East of Vienna (en)

L.Hubalek - Danube reach from 1380 to 1433 river km (en)

Z.Ostojic Barjaktarevic - Preparation of Documentation for River Training and Dredging Works on Critical Sectors on the Danube River in Serbia  (en)

I.Zanev - Evaluation of the situation in the common Bulgarian-Romanian Section of the Danube (en)

C.Cuc -Improvement of navigation conditions on the Romanian - Bulgarian common sector of the Danube and accompanying studies (en)

C.Dumbrava - Improvement of the navigation conditions on the Danube between Calarasi and Braila, km 375 - km 175 (en)

Z.Milkovic - Rehabilitation and development of navigation on the Sava river (en)

I.Mitrovic - Stakeholders' Forum (en)

A.Bencsik -Practical aspects of impact of the navigable waterway conditions on safety and efficiency of the Danube navigation (en)

A.Munkácsy - Implementation of transnational ship waste management projects along the Danube (en)