Expert Meeting on Security in Inland Water Transport (16 February 2022)


The Secretariat of the Danube Commission organized the Expert Meeting on Security in Inland Water Transport, held as an online meeting on 16 February 2022.

The meeting was attended by experts from Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Russia, the Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Representatives of international organisations were also involved: European Commission (DG MOVE A.5 Security), Priority Area 11 of the EUSDR: “To Work Together to Tackle Security and Organized Crime”, Danube/Black Sea HUB of AQUAPOL.

The experts considered all the topics on the agenda, including the draft updated version of the Recommendations for Ensuring the Security of Navigation on the Danube, as well as the actions taken in practice by the competent authorities of the member states in case of security risks in navigation.

During the deliberations on further actions of the Danube Commission regarding the establishment of a general security system in accordance with the “Working platform to develop a security system for inland water transport (SIWT system)”, the Secretariat provided information on the results of the application of the standard DAVID forms (Danube Navigation Standard Form) in Danube navigation. Сybersecurity in inland water transport and ports was also addressed by the meeting.

Furthermore, the agenda dealt with the issues of international cooperation.

The results of the meeting will be presented at the meeting of the working group on technical matters (5-8 April 2022), which is expected to examine the updated Recommendations for Ensuring the Security of Navigation on the Danube with a view to its further approval at the 97th session of the Danube Commission.