The Danube Commission hosted the 8th METEET workshop/webinar for Ukraine, 25 – 26 November 2021

The 8th METEET workshop was held as an online webinar for Ukraine on 25th – 26th November 2021. The Secretariat of the Danube Commission (DC) provided the communication tool (Interactio platform) as the meeting’s host. There was also provided simultaneous translation English – Ukrainian – English in order to ensure better communication between the participants and trainers during the workshop. In accordance with existing practice the workshop included comprehensive policy section of transport and environmental protection in the field of implementation of integrated projects on inland waterways. The project proposals and case studies were presented based on Austrian and Serbian projects and the virtual project was adapted by trainers to the Danube conditions and actual projects in Ukraine.

The webinar was attended by about 75 participants from different governmental institutions, private companies, representatives of dredging enterprises, EU-funded projects and other partnerships. The webinar was opened by the Danube Commission as a host, welcomed by the European Commission and members of Steering Committee. Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine presented Ukrainian developments in the field of implementation of EU legislation with respect to IWT. Ukrainian sea ports authority spoke about relevant dredging activities and projects on Ukrainian inland waterways.

Discussion led to the conclusion of the role of the governmental institutions (Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Ukrainian sea ports authority) and of the importance of better cooperation between them, since they are key institution responsible for efficient fairway maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrade.

Besides the general discussions regarding issues related to environmental assessment procedure, screening criteria for development plans, projects and national programs there were also discussed questions of alternatives for dredged soil utilization, land reclamation and additional measures for protection of endangered species of the national reserves in Ukraine. Representatives of environmental sector of Ukraine emphasized also an importance of involvement of scientific and research institutions into cooperation and development of mitigation and protection measures for long-term monitoring programs of biodiversity at protected areas. Discussions were also focused on the preparation and implementation of complex environmental monitoring of the fairways, with an example of deep-water navigation route on the Ukrainian part of the Danube delta.

The representatives from EU-funded projects in Ukraine: DTP DIONYSUS and Dnipro transport development, who took part at METEET workshop, emphasized the high relevance of such initiatives and importance of gaining better understanding of the European legal framework in the field of environmental protection and impact assessment to ensure better stakeholders` involvement.

Following below is the list of presentations and other documents of the 8th METEET workshop: