Press release: The 13th extraordinary session of the Danube Commission


The Danube Commission (DC) held its XIII Extraordinary Session on 21st March 2022 at the Danube Commission premises in Budapest, under the chairmanship of Her Excellency Mrs. Ambassador Liubov Nepop, President of the Danube Commission.

The session was convened to discuss the mandate of the functionaries of the DC Secretariat, which expires on 30th June 2022, and, accordingly, the composition of the Secretariat in the mandate of 2022-2025.

In the course of the XIII Extraordinary Session, the Representatives of member states adopted a Decision to extend the mandate of the functionaries of the Danube Commission’s Secretariat (doc. DK/TAG XIII Ao./3). Under this Decision, the current mandate of the functionaries of the DC Secretariat was extended from 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2025. An exception will be the functionaries from those member states that will announce a replacement, as well as a functionary from the Russian Federation pursuant to the Decision adopted at the XII Extraordinary Session of the Danube Commission on 17th March 2022.

At the 97th ordinary session of the Danube Commission (15 June 2022), the necessary steps are to be taken to implement this Decision within the budget for 2022.